Education & Youth Services

Every American child deserves a good education to get ready for college, work, and life. Education is not just about what happens in class—it is about much more. Our programs focus on helping at-risk students by improving their educational opportunities, supporting their academic success, and fostering civic involvement through service learning. We want to ensure that every student gets excellent teaching and high standards that match college and work expectations, no matter where they live or their background. Everyone should have access to top-notch educational content, resources, and opportunities for success after high school.


Carly Hammonds

Director of Education & Youth Services

Carly Hammonds is a Spelman College graduate who previously served as the Administrative and Program Logistics Coordinator at Girl Talk. In April 2023, she transitioned to the role of Director of Education and Youth Services at the Knoxville Area Urban League. Carly is passionate about discovering and utilizing personal strengths to their fullest potential, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness in achieving efficiency. Her experience in various industries, including retail, medical, and non-profit, has showcased her exceptional interpersonal leadership skills. Now, as the Director of Education and Youth Services, Carly is dedicated to developing and implementing impactful programs that empower and support the educational journey of young individuals in the community.

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National Achievers Society (NAS)

National Achievers Society (NAS)

National Achievers Society (NAS) was established to identify and motivate academically achieving minority high school students and increase the pool of students who are prepared, motivated and qualified for higher education.                                                     

Education & Youth programs are funded in part by:

National Urban League
State Farm Foundation
East Tennessee Foundation

For additional information, call 865-524-5511, ext. 242 or email [email protected].