NextLevel Knox

Practical Business Education
The Tennessee Urban League Affiliates has partnered with Interise, a national not-for-profit with award-winning small business programs, to offer NextLevel. Using Interise’s StreetWise ‘MBA’ curriculum, the program provides small business owners with the knowledge, know how, and networks needed for business growth and expansion.

Join a committed group of Knoxville based business owners for interactive class sessions; peer mentoring groups; and the opportunity to learn from local experts in the fields of finance, marketing, and procurement. Complete the program with a customized, three-year strategic growth plan – plus, the confidence and ability to turn those plans into action.

What You’ll Learn

• Business development strategies
• Strategic planning
• Finance and financial management
• Marketing/sales
• Human resources
• Accessing capital
• Contracting with the government & major corporations
Apply for NextLevel KnoxREQUIRED: Must have been in business for two years
and have annual revenue of $150,000 or more to apply.
14 sessions, Virtual every other Monday from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Application Deadline: End of February 2023
First Session: April 10, 2023
Program End: September 4, 2023

This program, valued at $15,000, is being provided to you FREE by The Tennessee Urban League Affiliates and funded by Tennessee Valley Authority so that you can grow and sustain your business!

During this time when small businesses are working hard to stay afloat, the Knoxville Area Urban League strives to be the economic first responder for our communities. Need help for your business but don’t qualify for this program? Contact us at 865-524-5511 or email [email protected].