Employment Services

The Urban League's Workforce Placement Services Department provides free and low fee job skills training, employment referral and opportunities to connect with hiring mangers to community members. Learn more about our the sessions offered by clicking here

The Employment Program is designed to :
  • Provide low-to-moderate income clients with comprehensive counseling and guidance to enable them to secure full or part-time jobs in the Greater Knoxville area.
  • Connect clients to employers and opportunities from craft laborers to professionals.
our services
  • Interview skill enhancement
  • Resume prep and strengthening
  • Computer access for online job searches, applications and resume work
  • job search assistance
  • Career counseling
  • Job-readiness and Professionalism preparation
  • Job referral
  • Job development
  • Job placement
  • Case Management
  • Post-placement follow-up and coaching


Why provide employment services?

Living, sustainable wage employment remains a key element of the holistic approach of helping clients achieve economic self-sufficiency. Finding desirable employment provides a vital "ladder out of poverty" for African Americans and others trapped in poverty. 

Statistics show that one of the largest barriers to African American employment is not a lack of job skills, but rather a lack of soft skills (interviewing, resume writing, etc.) that are necessary to find desirable full or part-time employment.  Our goal is to reduce these statics for the Greater Knoxville Community.

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