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Knoxville Black Business Directory


The Knoxville Black Business Directory (KBBD) is dedicated to fostering the growth of black-owned businesses. I founded KBBD to create a central hub for discovering and supporting over 200 black-owned businesses in Knoxville.

As an entrepreneur, I've faced the challenges of today's economy firsthand. KBBD serves as a free resource for those seeking products or services from black-owned companies. My hope is for the directory to continually grow, becoming an even more valuable resource for our community's businesses to thrive!

- Damon Rawls, Founder

Discover black-owned products or services.

Discover black-owned companies. You can also explore customer reviews, find new items locally, gain insights into the companies, and connect with like-minded customers who share your passion for supporting black-owned businesses!

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Knoxville Black Business Directory

This new online service offers a host of innovative features for businesses and customers. Take charge of your directory items through our user-friendly members interface, allowing you to update details, add special promotions, and more!


For additional information, call 865-524-5511 or email [email protected].