Opportunity to Prosper


Every individual in America who possesses entrepreneurial vision, ingenuity, drive, and desire should have access to resources needed to establish and grow a viable business.

The Urban League helps to bring businesses and jobs to areas where poverty is an everyday reality, and people have been profoundly affected by long-term unemployment. The loans and technical assistance are strategic investments that will build strong economic ecosystems, which will support entrepreneurship and business growth in economically disadvantaged communities.


  • Empowerment Opportunity Loan Program: The Knoxville Area Urban League provides loans from $5,000-$250,000 to qualified entrepreneurs to start and/or expand businesses in Knox County that will provide jobs, goods, and services that meet the needs of the community.

Economic and Business development programs are funded in part by:

  • Pinnacle Bank
  • SunTrust Foundation
  • City of Knoxville
  • Tennessee Valley Authority


Discovering products or services from black-owned companies is not only easy, but you can also explore customer reviews, find new items locally, gain insights into the companies, and connect with like-minded customers who share your passion for supporting black-owned businesses!

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Types of Loan Funds:

  • Micro-Empowerment Loan Fund
  • Small Business Empowerment Loan Fund

For additional information, call 865-524-5511 or come into our offices to speak to us directly.