National Achievers Society (NAS)


Program Overview

The National Achievers Society (NAS) was founded to identify and inspire academically accomplished minority high school students, aiming to expand the pool of individuals ready, motivated, and qualified for higher education.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, the NAS cohort comprised 88 scholars, with 35 returning. This diverse group represented all high schools in Knox County, including Oak Ridge and Jefferson County high schools.

Throughout the school year, NAS scholars and their parents engage in weekend activities, projects, and initiatives designed to enrich their cultural, academic, and college preparatory experiences during a three-year span from sophomore to senior year.

NAS Application



The Campaign for African American Achievement commenced in March 1997, bringing leaders of national black organizations together to review, analyze, and strategize solutions for the educational and developmental challenges confronting African American children and other youth of color.



NAS aims to inspire, acknowledge, and strengthen achievements among African American youth and other youth of color. The purpose of the National Achievers Society is to significantly diminish the negative peer pressure often linked with high academic achievement. This is achieved by fostering an environment where motivation thrives, paving the way for academic success to flourish.

Kemet Chapter

The Kemet chapter of the National Achievers Society, founded in Knoxville in 2004, derives its name from the rich history of Egypt, the first great civilization in Africa, where "Kemet" translates to "Black Land." This symbolism reflects the chapter's commitment to encouraging scholars to thrive despite negativity and hardship, much like Egypt flourished amidst challenging conditions by utilizing the gift of the Nile River.

Criteria & Expectations

  • Enrolled in grades 10-12
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.o or higher
  • Actively participate in all activities and engage fully
  • Recognize themselves as meaningful contributors to their community through service to others
  • Acknowledge that education is the key unlocking the doors to success

Project Ready Mentor

Project Ready coupled with a hybrid (one-on-one & group) mentoring model at the Knoxville Are Urban League provides National Achievers Society scholars with additional support in understanding their goals & aspirations while building the mental& emotional foundation to THRIVE.

Mentor Application

Project Ready

Project Ready is an innovative and unique college access program that provides a comprehensive, research-based approach to preparing young people and families for the challenges and promise of higher education. Project Ready is geared to reach the whole student and is comprised of three key components: Academic Development, Social Development and Cultural and Global Awareness. Students may enter the program as early as middle school and participate throughout their high school career.

Example of Project Ready: Hampton Roads Video