A 2021 Resume, the True  Story!

2021 has presented us with many challenges but as we slowly recover many are looking for work or changing careers.  One of the things most must focus on is their resume if they want to be considered for an interview.  A resume can be an important tool or  it can be just another piece of paper.  Here are some helpful tips for those looking to freshen up their resume.

Let’s talk format…how’s it look?  Most experts suggest that resumes should be 1 – 2 pages and in an easy to read font.  Leave  out the Objective, it just isn’t effective any longer.  Instead start with a brief paragraph that talks about your strengths. A suggestion is to focus on soft and transferable skills in this area.  Leave out the personal stuff, focus on job related information unless it can be seen as helping  in the job you are looking for. For example if you are applying for a sales job and for the past 10 years you have run your kid’s school fundraiser it might be good to include it.

Next up is content.  Most resumes are first screened by applicant tracking systems (ATS).  This means Key words are more “key” than ever.  Review the job posting and look for words that jump out at you showing that they are important the to the hiring manager. Begin working these words into your resume from the beginning and that should help your resume get past the ATS and into the hands of the right person.

So what exactly is  the resume’s job?  A resume cannot get you hired, it  can only help you get an interview then your performance in the interview is really what can get you hired.  So how can I help my resume help me get an interview? Well start looking at your resume as a marketing tool. Use it to promote your skills and experience in a way that will encourage a hiring manger to want to talk to you. Content is very important, relevant content. So stick with the last 3-5 years experience.  Focus on up-to-date skills. For example if you have been working remotely include experience with the tools you have been using.

Resumes are still the most important paths to landing a job. If you need help starting or fine-tuning  your resume or with interview practice and tips contact our Workforce Department at [email protected] or call 865-524-5511.